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Denver Adventures was founded in 2005. The adventurous activities are spearheaded by the company’s founder, Stefan Van der Steen, an outdoor adventure enthusiast with a dream of bringing people closer to the outdoors in a fun and active way. The Rocky Mountains close to Denver are the perfect platform for easy access to a wide variety of terrain and natural scenery to suite anybody’s needs. Every one of our adventures invites you to enjoy and use nature’s wonders but at the same time respect, admire, and learn from it. Our team of experienced guides has had more than its fair share of enjoying the Rockies. Over time, they all have built extensive knowledge of physical exercise, altitude, trails, parks, and natural attractions but are also active participants of races and volunteer efforts. Stefan, for instance, focuses on endurance events such as The Triple Bypass, Ultra100, Olympic distance triathlons, marathons, and even an IronMan! Denver Adventures was set up to provide hassle-free, tailor-made, adrenaline-fueled adventures. Denver Adventures is run by extreme sports enthusiasts specializing in ziplining, hiking, mountain-biking, rock climbing, snowshoeing and whitewater kayaking. We are passionate about sharing our love and enthusiasm for adventure with other thrill-seekers like you…

Great Guides

Bear Grylls, a private concierge and Robin Williams walk into a bar… or better yet, they lead you on an adventure tour.  Imagine combining the adventurous spirit of Bear Grylls, the attention to detail and coordination of a concierge and the entertaining nature of Robin Williams and you may get an idea of what our Denver Adventures guides are like.  Ultimately it’s these guides that shape your experience, leaving a lasting memory and a yearning for [...]

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Is team building more than just getting the team together?

Luckily the answer depends entirely upon you.  By considering team dynamics and clearly defining the objective of your team-building day, you can partake in fun interactive activities that help accomplish your goals.  It is easy to talk about building teams up in just a day but making it happen may be more challenging.  Deciding what to do and where to do it involves making many decisions, including consideration of the cost and what activities would [...]

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Should you send your child to a kids camp this summer?

The short answer to this question is probably YES. Kids camps help your child build valuable social skills, foster independence, and exposes them to different environments and activities they would not have tried otherwise. However, you should do your homework before signing up. You want to make sure it is a fun and safe experience for your child and at the same time puts your mind at ease as a parent. Here are some guidelines [...]

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Colorado is known for its internationally renown ski resorts such as Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Winter Park, etc. These resorts offer visitors and locals a popular winter activity option. However, what if you are not a skier, are on a budget (a ski day can quickly add up to $500/day or more), don't want to sit in ski traffic on I-70 all day, or simply are looking for other outdoor winter activities in the Rocky Mountains? Well, we got [...]

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Before you book your zip line adventure, make sure you know what you sign up for. Outfitters can build and operate a variety of zip lines based on topography, budget, and course design. Essentially, there are 3 types of zip lines: towered, canopy, and ground-to-ground. The "sport" of zip lining started with canopy tours in Costa Rica. Canopy tours mainly take place in a densely forested, jungle-type environment where zip lines are strung between large trees. Participants spend the entire tour on [...]

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To Zip Or Not To Zip In The Winter

Traditionally, ziplining has always been a "warm weather" activity especially with its roots in tropical climates such as Costa Rica. However, we feel that is only half the story when it comes to zip lining in Colorado. With 300 days of sunshine, the winter months offer plenty of opportunity for a very unique outdoor experience in the Rocky Mountains. People ski and snowboard in temperatures far colder than the temperatures we get in the Front [...]

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