Give the gift(card) of Adventure!

Maybe 2021 will be the year people finally start considering alternatives to buying physical presents for their loved ones … and we may not have a choice!! Instead of playing the guessing game and ending up with a pile of quickly discarded or returned presents, why not give the gift of an experience? No need to worry about clogged up supply chains, limited availability, expensive shipping charges, taxes, convenience fees, and delayed delivery times! Many experiential companies offer (digital) gift cards to super cool activities, adventures, and other services. After a rough 2 years of remote working, mask wearing, weight gaining, and way too much indoor lazy time we all need to get outdoors and catch some fresh air. We should rediscover the wonders of our planet and put our bodies to good use by exploring our surroundings. Often times, great adventures are just around the corner! Experiential gifts are healthy, green (no wrapping paper, shipping, etc.), and often discounted, transferrable, changeable, and flexible. They get people to do things they never would or would never think of doing. Whether it be a yoga class, a fishing trip, a zipline adventure, micro-brewery tour, axe throwing, or even a unique restaurant, they are all experiences suitable for the vast majority of the population … including friends and family. Here are just 2 examples to give you an idea of how easy it is to give the gift of joy!

Check out and click on the “Gift Card” button on the top right. Enjoy!