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Bear Grylls, a private concierge and Robin Williams walk into a bar… or better yet, they lead you on an adventure tour.  Imagine combining the adventurous spirit of Bear Grylls, the attention to detail and coordination of a concierge and the entertaining nature of Robin Williams and you may get an idea of what our Denver Adventures guides are like.  Ultimately it’s these guides that shape your experience, leaving a lasting memory and a yearning for your next ‘Denver Adventure’.  We’re reminded of the impact guides have on our customer’s experience everyday when we read the passionate surveys (Yelp, Trip Advisor) that come back to us.  This post is a tribute to our team of guides who live and breathe nature, who inspire countless travellers and who work tirelessly to bring it all together.

From wilderness hiking to mountain biking, rock climbing to ziplining, an adventure guide is required to adapt when it comes to safety, communications, area knowledge and a whole range of skills associated with working in an outdoor environment. This adaptability is fundamental to striking a balance between awareness, consideration, safety and entertainment and is at the heart of being an excellent adventure tour guide.

Great adventure guides know it’s all about the customers, they understand that attention to detail matters, they strive to build incredible relationships and of course, they’re passionate!  It may seem obvious, but many companies fail to realize that the standard of your guide or trip leader will arguably make or break your adventure trip.  A good guide will ensure your experience is great, but a first class guide will turn a great experience into an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

When you really think about it, entrusting your safety to a stranger in the wilderness can be quite a leap of faith.  That’s why the very best guides will make the extra effort to develop a warm, personable and professional relationship with you.  Developing this type of relationship is a skill that more often than not, comes naturally to our exceptional guides, and certainly makes them stand out amongst their peers.

Superb adventure guides also understand that every client is unique and a standardized approach to leading tours doesn’t work.  This directly applies to how a guide interacts with individuals and groups- small or large.  So a guiding guru will adjust their style depending on the make-up of a group.  Every client and tour is unique so flexibility is key; a group of teens and their parents celebrating a birthday will require a different style of engagement than a group made up of international travelers limited by language barriers.

The dynamics of an adventure tour can often depend on the energy that its guides bring to the table.  The guides at Denver Adventures and Zipline Tours bring the get up and go, and ‘zip’ the extra mile to make your experience go from great, to extraordinary.

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