Valentine’s Day Date!

When you think of ziplining, I’m willing to bet the first word that comes to mind isn’t “romance.” When taking your partner out on a date, you are probably thinking of more low-key activities. Dinner at a nice restaurant, a movie afterward, something along those lines. SNORE! If you’re sick of the same date routine, take your partner on the ride of their life! Here are the reasons ziplining makes a great date activity!

  1. It’s in nature! Get in touch with your wild side in the Rocky Mountains! Our scenic views are a perfect setting for a lovely day with each other. Book a later tour and we’ll throw in the sunset for free!

  2. It feels good! Adrenalin creates endorphins that make your brain happy. You can come away from the tour feeling satisfied and fulfilled. You not only survived, you thrived!

  3. Memories that will last a lifetime! You don’t want your date to be forgettable. You want it to be something you can talk about for years to come! And with photos and videos of your experience, it’s going to be a hard date to forget!

  4. The thrill brings us closer together! Conquering a mutual fear of heights can strengthen your relationship! Your bond will be as strong as the cables we use to hold you up! So if you feel a little nervous, let your professional guides make you feel safe and comfortable so that you can focus on having an excellent time together!

So this Valentine’s Day (or any day of the year, really) give each other the gift of ziplining! Book your tour today!

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