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Tired of attending or planning boring events with over-priced dinners? Well, for close to the same price your team could be having plenty of outdoor fun in the Rocky Mountains at only 30 minutes from Denver! Whether it be team building, corporate events, sales incentive trips, family reunions, weddings, bachelor(ette) parties, kids camps, or any group over 10 participants, we offer a huge variety of outdoor adventures suited for just about anyone! There is even a local micro-brew pub ( in our building where your group can unwind after an adrenaline-filled day. NOTE: Looking for corporate Team Building-specific offerings and advice?  Call us for recommendations on how to determine what activity is best for your specific group.Below is a sample list of some of our most popular activities.


Looking for corporate Team Building-specific offerings and advice? Call us for recommendations on how to determine what activity is best for your specific group.Below is a sample list of some of our most popular activities.



MOST POPULAR! Starting @ $149 Per Person

This is the ultimate Rocky Mountain adventure experience! Choose from any of our adventures listed under the “Our Adventures” menu item. For groups of 10-200 we can customize any of these adventures to your group’s needs. We can make them educational, team building-oriented, or simply just fun. You get your own private, personalized tour that fits into your schedule and objectives for the day. Our certified and experienced guides will make this a truly memorable event, start to finish.

Example: Enjoy our most popular 6-zipline adventure in the morning, enjoy a catered lunch at Colorado’s Best Beers, and finish the day with a GPS navigation hike in the Front Range.

Available for half day and full day

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Starting @ $149 Per Person

This adventure takes full advantage of Colorado’s backyard … the Rocky Mountains!! Immerse your group in a unique adventure truly in the woods. Our nature park is the perfect setting for some great activities such as a GPS navigation challenge course from one of our experienced guides. This adventure allows your team to work together closely and learn some valuable skills along the way.  Your group will use a mobile GPS unit to navigate from one way point to the next while solving challenges along the way.

Available for half day

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A little competition never hurt anyone … we divide your group into smaller groups who compete for a highly desirable prize! Then, let the games begin. We put together a series of fun games requiring team work, smarts, agility. Games might include bow and arrow, walking ski, capture the flag, tennis ball transfer, egg run, ice carving, bubble soccer, obstacle course, Frisbee golf, etc. We can work together to figure out what games are most appropriate for your group or you can leave it all up to us.

Available for half day

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On a hot summer day, there is nothing like a refreshing activity in and around a mountain lake. This adventure offers a variety of water-based challenges such as paddle boarding, water balloon games, and attempting to build a raft with limited supplies and … put your team on the raft paddling to the other side of the lake!!

Available for half day 

Things to Know


Any of the above offerings can be augmented with additional services such as:

One adventure not enough? Consider our combo adventures where your group does 2 or more adventures in one action-packed day. For instance, do a GPS navigation challenge in the morning, have a relaxing lunch at our nature park, then do an exciting 6-zipline adventure in the afternoon.

Transportation to and from your office or hotel in the Denver area. Our 15-passenger vans offer comfortable and flexible transportation options. Not cool enough? Ask for our “DEUCE”!! This heavy-duty military truck will take your adventure to the next level. Check it out here! Can you imagine the surprise of your team when that thing shows up at your office or hotel?

A visit to our neighboring brew-pub Colorado’s Best Beers ( with 10 local micro-brews on tap, as well as Colorado-made liquor, wine, snacks, and soups

Ability to customize the degree of difficulty of your adventure to the physical abilities and expectations of your participants. Not everybody needs to be an Olympic athlete to participate. We can accommodate groups with different levels of physical abilities without leaving anyone doing things they are not comfortable with.

Let us know the purpose of your event and we can customize the experience. For instance, if you are looking for a more formal team building or educational (schools) experience, our guides are ready to take you through that process. If you are having a birthday party we can add a few extras for this special occasion. If your group has special needs, we will work with you to plan accordingly.

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