Denver Adventures was founded in 2005. The adventurous activities are spearheaded by the company’s founder, Stefan Van der Steen, an outdoor adventure enthusiast with a dream of bringing people closer to the outdoors in a fun and active way. The Rocky Mountains close to Denver are the perfect platform for easy access to a wide variety of terrain and natural scenery to suite anybody’s needs. Every one of our adventures invites you to enjoy and use nature’s wonders but at the same time respect, admire, and learn from it.

Our team of experienced professional guides has had more than its fair share of enjoying the Rockies. Over time, they all have built extensive knowledge of physical exercise, altitude, trails, parks, and natural attractions but are also active participants of races and volunteer efforts. Stefan, for instance, focuses on endurance events such as The Triple Bypass, Ultra100, Olympic distance triathlons, marathons, and even an IronMan!

Denver Adventures was set up to provide hassle-free, tailor-made, adrenaline-fueled adventures. Denver Adventures is run by extreme sports enthusiasts specializing in ziplining, hiking, mountain-biking, rock climbing, snowshoeing and whitewater kayaking. We are passionate about sharing our love and enthusiasm for adventure with other thrill-seekers like you…

When I’m not leading groups I am always on the lookout for my next adventure! I am committed to giving people the chance to explore places that they wouldn’t normally get to, pushing themselves beyond the limits of what they thought they were capable of, all while having a safe and enjoyable adventure.
Hi!  I moved here from a small town in northwest Iowa in 2010 and fell in love with Colorado!  I have worked at Denver Adventures and Zipline Tours since 2011 and wouldn’t change it for the world!  I truly believe your job should be something you enjoy.  A few of my favorite things about this job are my co-workers and meeting people from around the world.  I look forward to meeting you and sharing an adventure in the beautiful state of Colorado!
Hey everyone! I am Nathan Deakin and I have been with Denver Zipline Tours since 2013. I moved out to Colorado from West Virginia after I graduated from college to explore the outdoors and be with friends. soon after moving here I started at the DZT and have loved it ever since! I love snowboarding, rock climbing, trail running, ultimate frisbee, cycling, and really anything else you can do outside! FYI for all of you coming to zipline, I always have the best helmet hair afterwards!
Coming from a farm in Minnesota around lots of space and animals… I visited Colorado when I was in my teens and realized this is where I was meant to live.  I have always enjoyed being outdoors and active.  When not being soccer Mom or animal nanny, I’m out hiking or 4 wheeling with my jeep.  I enjoy viewing the starry night skies and a campfire with guitar music.  It’s all about the quality of life in the mountains.
Hi there!  We all have one and that’s why they call me, Pulse.  It’s nice to meet you.  I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast for 34 years and happen to be 34 years old.  My specialities include long walks on the beach, botany, active sight seeing, and my most adventurous self can be found on our zip lining course.  There’s an adventurous side in every soul and my main duty is to help you find it.  I look forward to elevating your pulse whether it be on mountain trails or hanging high above on our lines!
Alex has been a professional outdoor educator for more than 10 years. He has worked trips from Alaska to Florida, but has called the front range of Colorado home since 2011. Originally from Vermont, Alex has spent his adult life traveling around the west climbing rocks and worked` for a wide variety of outdoor companies and agencies. He is a certified Wilderness First Responder, and has lead trips in conservation work, canoeing, kayaking, SUPing, rock climbing, mountain biking and has more than 365 days sleeping under the stars guiding backpacking trips. His free time these days is spent exploring Colorado with his daughter: be that hiking, swimming, or sampling the growing organic, free-range, grass feed, non-GMO, gluten free sarsaparilla market.

In college Abby began working at her childhood summer camp, and fell in love with the Outdoor Profession. After graduating she left her home state of Ohio to explore the great outdoors living and guiding along the east coast. Needing a change of scenery she ventured  west to answer the mountains call. When she is not outside on some adventure; she enjoys exploring/creating new recipes in the kitchen.

Hi!  My name is Boone Pickens Henry.   I am one of the rare locals in the company, unless you ask our head bartender Pat.  I was born and raised in Conifer, Colorado.  I have always been an outdoor enthusiast looking for any adventure I can find.  I love to rock climb, ski, snowboard, and hike.  I mainly have a passion for helping people and pushing them to complete their goals.
Hailing from the tropical isles of Hawai`i Chris came to the mountains both Rockies and Appalachians pursuing education and experience in Outdoor Experiential Programming.  Having spent more than the past decade working and learning in the field he managed to make it through with a degree in Recreation Management and is excited to be delving into a new aspect of adventure opportunities with his time here at Denver Zipline Tours. With past experience in guiding backpacking treks, kayak/snorkeling excursions, building mountain bike trails, facilitating camp programs and delivering high and low ropes course elements Chris is excited to lend his love for the outdoors and adventure programs to guiding Zipline Tours and looks forward to seeing you on the line!
Carson got his start ziplining in St.Thomas, USVI. After fleeing two hurricanes, he found refuge in his home state of Colorado, working at Denver Adventures. He enjoys long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain. But not pina coladas.
After growing up on the Gulf Coast, Tyler attended the University of Alabama, graduating with his bachelor’s degree in Communication and Information Sciences, with a minor in English. Shortly after graduating, Tyler moved to Denver to peruse his undeniable passion for recreation, nature and adventure. With experience working for ESPN and a global fitness brand, Tyler brings a unique skillset to our team. When Tyler is not guiding zipline tours through the Rocky Mountains, you can find him hiking, kayaking or hanging out with his dog, Kai.
I have been involved in outdoor activities most of my life. Accomplishments include: Certified Skiing Instructor;  avid Mountain Biker: 2 time 1st place division finish at 24 Hours of Moab, Triple By Pass, Ride the Rockies, multi day mountain bike trips across the Western U.S.; Road Cyclist: completed multiple century rides. Denver Adventures Lead Guide for Hiking, Mountain Biking, Snowing Shoeing, Skiing, Hut Trips, GPS Navigation.
Hi, I’m Cooper “Coop” Hoogenboom! I have lived my entire life in the Rocky Mountains and was raised here in Conifer. I love every season in Colorado and all of the different outdoor adventures I get to do. Despite growing up here, I am always looking for a new trail to hike or bike.
Hello, my name is Jess! I grew up in Conifer Colorado and have been a mountain girl all my life. I love sharing my passion for the Rocky Mountains with others through guiding and outdoor adventures! When I’m not guiding you’ll find me climbing or camping.
Heyo! My name is Lani and originally hail from Seattle but moved out to Colorado 3 years ago to escape the dreary clouds and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!
I’m most alive when I’m trekking my way through the trees or standing on top of a mountain and I love sharing that kind of experience with as many people as will let me!  Besides hiking I enjoy playing ultimate, snowboarding, painting, and meeting new people.  Can’t wait to seeing the look of pure joy on your face as you fly through the trees!
Tony took his first zip line with Denver Adventures as a client and decided to get outside for a living. A Penn State grad who studied economics and a former financial investor, Tony moved to Colorado in ‘07. He’s here to keep you safe and smiling while zipping through the evergreens!
Hi! I’m Patrick. Originally from Florida, I came out west because some of my happiest moments in life have been spent exploring the beautiful nature of Colorado. As an adventure enthusiast, I want to share my passion of the outdoors with others, and I hope that passion inspires others to get out and explore. When I am not in nature, I am either reading a book or playing the guitar. I always have a smile on my face and will be just as excited about the next adventure as you are!
Hi I’m Cindy, I retired from the corporate world and now enjoy guiding people from all over the world  to help them see our beautiful state.
I have been enjoying just about every outdoor sport since I was a kid.  Lived all over the country and finally got to call Colorado home about 25 years ago.  Since retiring from Corporate America I decided to share my outdoor experience with others from around the world.  I enjoy skiing and four wheeling in my spare time.  Still young at heart and having a blast.

I’m a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog!  I LOVE coming to work and meeting new people!  You can find me on the patio taking a nap or in the office getting a ton of attention.  I LOVE to be pet by everyone that walks in the door.  My favorite season is winter, because I love playing in the snow!  If you are missing a glove, I probably came along and took it.  That’s why they call me Bandit!

I’m a Queensland Blue Heeler.  My name is Maverick because my cousin is Goose and he also is a Queensland Blue Heeler.  My mom rescued me at 8 weeks old and I’ve been coming to work ever since. I love coming to work and meeting new people, sometimes a little too much!  My best friend is Bandit and I love following him around. You can find me on the couch taking a nap or outside laying in the sun.  If you want to see some of my MANY tricks, just ask, I love putting on a show!  I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve and love learning new ones.